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Mind's Eye International School,Shahdol

About Us

Chairman Speak

Dear Parents,

As you know, children are the future of the world. We all are aware of the education for our child, simply that in to say today’s world we all need the best for our children.

From the last fourteen years I spent with my team in providing some of the cutting edge theorems in education. I learnt so many things now extending my learning with you. We studied as a parent we all expect the goodness of nature as well as we need best knowledge for our child. Apart from academics we always tried to provide our children co-curricular activities & forget about the hectic the little brain is experiencing.

With my research & development team I have always tried to understand the language of children’s brain, rally tried to learn that how a child expects how the learning should be imparted to them. As a mean we come to a result that children learn more easily if they were given education with fun. Effective learning needs the interest of anybody, but we often says the best way to learn is to maintain the concentration level of the child. Have we ever thought the how could a child maintain his or her concentration level, I think no…!

Some of the finest scientific methods I found which may be helpful for the overall development of children I have applied here in the form of ‘E -School’ which is now in existence from this year 2010 for ever. We are now launching the concept of Bag less learning system for your loving ones with Fun, Animated movies, Scientific methods of teaching, Concept of child Psychology, Teaching through Neuro Linguistic Programming,Photo Reading, Memory Boosting Techniques, Computers, Zhusuan Methodology (Abacus), Math Lab, I-Vision as well methods to maintain physical &mental strength so that the child may become a perfect human in future. You will definitely feel the difference of teaching form the day one you are going to send your child for ‘E-education’ with our brand new concept.

‘Happy learning with fun every moment’

Ajit Singh
Chairman / Managing Director
Mind’s Eye International School

With our motto "Every Child is special" This year we offer the very best of teaching and learning that has been specially tailored to meet the needs of the young minds. The popularity and programming, the selection of excellent staff and a willingness to show innovations have all contributed to the high level of academic success achieved by standards at the school.
MEIS is concept and techniques based school. We provide finest scientific methods which is helpful for the overall development of children. We are providing the concept of bag less learning system learning system for your loving kids with fun, scientific methods of teaching, through Nero Linguistic program , memory techniques concept computers, abacus, DMIT, Mid Brain activation activity as well method to maintain physical and mental strength so that the child may become a prefect human in future. Here we develop their potential and qualities that will make their confidence and independent as they grow by building self-confidence, self-discipline skill like problem solving, decision making, social and respect towards environments & nation


About MEIS

What We Stand For and How We Operate :

MEEPL Mission Statement is the guiding principle of the association. MEEPL is dedicated to the promotion, advancement, education and training of the EDUCATION industry for the protection of our environment and the health, safety and comfort of society.Our members are guided by the principles of honesty and integrity and follow the highest ethical standards in the industry.

How We Serve our Members :

The MIND'S EYE EDUCATION (P) Ltd—works to:

* Attract new talent to the industry 

* Promote customer-focused service 

* Leverage technology to improve performance 

* Offer business education and training for franchise and employees

How our Leadership Serves You :

The members of the MEEPL Board of Directors are your trusted stewards—committed to carrying out the association's mission on your behalf.

How We Got Started

Minds Eye Education (P) Ltd. Or MEEPL came in existence with a view 'Advance Education in Approach'. It have been observed that the academic education which the children were getting in last decades was not enough to fulfill the requirement of the parents who expects more & more from their children. MEEPL favors the practical studies thus launched the concepts which are easily understandable by the children.

Company started its success journey with Software Education under the brand name IGM Computers, established their first learning centre with only 4 students in the batch. Company is first in India to offer Free Computer Education, to the students. After that company started fixing milestones in the field of education one by one company reached a number of 700 franchises all over India.

Step by step with the help of resourceful franchise network & well marketing strategies implemented by the devoted team members of MEEPL with enthusiasm created history. Now the company is trying to be in first fortune 500 companies in the near future by opening opportunities for all.

How our Staff Serves You

The MEEPL staff team is dedicated to exceeding your expectations for value and service!